11 Gold Coins

Highest Prices Paid for Your Gold Coins & Jewelry!

Have you taken advantage of the rise in gold prices? Well you should consider jumping on the cash-cow-train. We can’t say what the price of gold will be in the future but we can give you an honest accurate market price to buy or sell your gold coins and jewelry today. Bring your gold coins and used gold jewelry in and we’ll show you how we chemically test the gold. You’ll have the assurance of getting the best value and you’ll learn more about gold in the process. Buying and selling Precious metal jewelry has become so popular, we’ve added a “take-a-number dispenser” in the new coin shop. Chances are, you should grab a number on your way in to make sure your in line to see one of our gold buyers.

The truth is we pay fair prices and every day we get back a high percentage of buyers and sellers that come to us and then checked with the other local shops and traveling “gold buyers”.  We’ve been here in Tacoma for over 30 years and we’re not picking up our tent and moving up the road next week. You can  trust that we’ll do the best we can every time!