Sell Gold and Jewelry in Tacoma / Seattle

Get rid of that old gold jewelry taking up space and never being used. Most times these old worn and broken jewelry items can bring  you a surprising amount of instant cash. NO, you don’t want to mail your gold, silver, platinum and precious metal jewelry to one of the companies that advertise online, you never know what their going to offer until they have your precious collectible coins and jewelry. Here at Tacoma Mall Blvd Coin & Stamp, we always pay a fair price. Recently we had a fairly knowledgable collector come in from out-of-town and wanted us to value a diamond ring with a nice gold setting. He apparently had done plenty of research and had several appraisals on the gold / diamond ring. We gave him  our price after doing our own research and he had this to say.

“I knew exactly what the ring was worth and really wanted to find an honest coin and stamp dealer that would also buy gold jewelry at a fair market price”. Well, you people here at the Tacoma Coin are awesome! I don’t live close enough to get in here often but I would trust you enough to mail jewelry to you and get a fair price. I would also feel comfortable buying coins for my coin collection over the phone or on your website.

We always do our best to do the right thing for all our customers.  We’ve even sent customers more money after a purchase if we find felt it was appropriate.

Remember – We’re you friend in the Coin, Stamp and used Jewelry business.