Tacoma Mall Blvd. Coin & Stamp Inc.

Tacoma Coin is the website for Tacoma Mall Blvd. Coin & Stamp, your connection for collectible coins and stamps located in the great Northwest. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you to get started in the fascinating world of both coin collecting and stamp collecting. Businesses, Government agencies and estate liquidation organizations turn to us for accurate valuation of coins, stamps and exotic currency. Whether you found an unknown box of stamps or coins in your attic or they were left to you by a loved one it could be a great start of a collection and investment. Tacoma Mall Blvd. Coin & Stamp offers the most comprehensive estate valuations of collectible coins and stamps you’ll find anywhere. If you don’t live in the great northwest call them and arrange your valuation or purchase. Remember, Tacoma Coin and Stamp is your connection for coin and stamp collecting information, collectible coins, collectible stamps and all the supplies you’ll ever need.