Coins, Stamps & Jewelry
That’s right, we pay cash for your coins, stamps, precious metal jewelry and service sets. You’ll never get the runaround and you can count on a fair appraisal!


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry
We’ll be adding collectable investment worthy coins and stamps to our online store. If you are looking for something special please give us a call, we may have what your looking for in stock.


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry
If you’re like many of us that collect coins and stamps, sometimes it’s better to move something out while your moving something in. We’ll do our best to help you accomplish that.


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry
Whether you have inherited coins or stamps from a loved one, or found an old box of coins or stamps in your attic, or at a garage sale, it could be a great start of a collection or investments. Insurance and estate collections welcome.

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