Coins, Stamps & Jewelry

We pay cash for your coins, precious metals, jewelry, currency and carefully chosen stamps. You will never get the runaround, and you can count on a fair price!


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry

We have a generous inventory of coins, currency, precious metals, jewelry, and collectors stamps. If you are looking for something special please give us a call or visit. You may just find what you are looking for.


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry

If you’re like many of us that collect coins and stamps, sometimes it’s better to move something out while your moving something in. We’ll do our best to help you accomplish that.


Coins, Stamps & Jewelry

You may have inherited coins, currency, or precious metals, or jewelry from a loved one. Or, maybe you have found treasures in the attic, or at a garage/estate sale. It may be a great start on a collection, or cash in your pocket.  Estate and insurance appraisals welcome on most items. We are your certified dealer for NGC and PCGS grading services.  Come by today!

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